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We doesn't care about "Business sizes, and volumes of sales". We are seeking reliable individuals or dealers who supply better quality of products with responsibilities, and offer "After service" for our custmers.If you are an individuals who has a few experiences to import vehicles, As long as You are the person We can rely on, There is no problems for us to deal with you as Our agents, distributors.
We do not reply to any form which has no Full name, E-mail, Country, Address, Tel no.

FOR U.S.Residents
Basically We don't support any of Importation process in the u.s.a, and the modifications, and the legalization job for the vehicle we sell at all, Please remind that YOU HAVE TO DO ALL BY YOURSELF, You can't get any support /advice/help by us. We just sell and arrange shipping (as your requess) to the states.
Regarding to any questions about "How to import? How to register in the u.s.a", We don't reply any at all.
Before you question us, better to contact EPA, D.O.T, and U.S. Goverment by yourself.

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Please message us your sales points, and liscenses you have like Air care, province testing etc, etc, helpful for us to know in details about you, or your company.

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