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--What is "Auction Grade"??--
Before we talk about "Auction grade", You should know auction grade rules... ,

How to read? How to judge the auction grade? Is this really good car?

What is "Auction Grade", and What kinds of infomation does "Auction Grade" show us?

Auction Grade is the Rating of auction vehicles,
which is evaluated by 3 kinds of Valuation basis charts (Now 2kinds Vaulations, rules changed),

Auction Grade shows,
mainly VISIBLE "Body/Interior" conditions of the auction vehicles, not mention in details of the mechanical problems, which is difficult to find it.

The Auction Grade is decided by auction inspectors, They inspect the vehicles by the Charts, called as Valuations basis charts for INTERIOR and EXTERIOR, they decides the RANK of INTERIOR & EXTERIOR of the vehicle. Each chart rules A to E rank for "Exterior/Interior" conditions, The inspector CHECK the Valuation basis For Auction Grade Chart, and it gives them the "Auction Grade".
BUT Since Jan, 2009, This rule was changed, The Body Condition Valuation basis was Abolished, and Now the auction grade is decided only by 2 Valuation basis, not by 3 Valuation basis on previously, so It's less accurate, more absrtuctive, Not better informations than before now, and so on.

Basically The Auction Grade shows vehicle Body/Interior conditions, Not explain any of "Mechanical conditions" in details, so You keep it in your mind that The informations you can read through the auction paper is not same as the "Full of vehicle conditions".

We know MANY OF CANADIAN IMPORTERS/JAPANESE EXPORTERS says "Good auction grade car is a good car worth for paying money", but it's completely WRONG, You'd better to think it a kind of "Sales talk". It's impossible to explain the vehicle actual conditions only by Auction Grade. People who doesn't know well about These auction rules & systems, usually feel "Good grade car is Good car", So The seller doesn' need say much more about vehicles, just saying "Grade 4, decent shape"...You have to watch out such sellers who doesn't inform you "Correct Informations", which is explained clearly, and theoritically. Finding the honest suppliers is best way for you to get your "Best vehicles" from auctions in Japan. This is same in the world, and same in japan, and same in Canada, and If you requests cheap price vehicles mainly, They don't care more about "Conditions".

What kinds of Informations available at the auction paper?

The auction paper shows you "Specifications", "Body", "Interior Conditions", and "a few remarks".,
@1st Reg Year(not production year, month), engine displacement, model name, vehicle name,
@Odometer info , certified by auction, clockwised/wront km, meterchanged but with certified paper, correct km.
No remarks km = Correct, Certified, Mark "*" wrong/clockwised, "$" meterchanged, but Correct km
@Optional parts infos, Power steering, Power window, Sun roof, Alloy rims, Naviations, TV, Air bag, Leather seats with or without
@Transmission type, Automatic, or Manual, Train system 2/4WD, Comes with Air cond or not.
@Body colour, Interior colour
@Sales points, which are declared by the SELLER
@Faulties or Remarks , which are declared by the SELLER
@Inspection report by Auction inspector
@Vehicle size(Length, width, height) mentioned in the Japanese vehicle registration paper.
@Auction Grade, and substantial Interior rate(HAA auction says Substantial Exterior rate also)
@Illustration report, shows the vehicle body scratches, dents, rusts conditions, using "keyword".
like U(as dent), A(as scratch), C(as rusts) etc, The damage level by 1 to 3, those words were ruled by each auction houses.
(The keyword almost same on major auctions, but sometime dirrerent, like USS says R as repaired, But HAA says 0 as repaired.)
@If the vehicle has "Visible or easy to find" mechanical faluties, like "Strange engine sounds", "Driveshaft boots broken", these are written as REMARKS, but There is no "Valuations chart" for mechanical conditions, inspection quality is different by each inspectors.

To read, and know the vehicle conditions from the auction paper as could as possible, We have to understand THE VALUATION BASIS RULES Completely, and We need Skills, Experiences, and ability to inspect vehicles properlly by ourself, because We have to guess the vehicle conditions roughly only by Small pictures(Usually Front /Rear side view), and Text informations in the auction paper.

What kinds of informations Not available by the auction inspection paper?

The auction paper doesn't shows mechanical issues in details.
We feel Many canadians doesn't know this, but This is clearly stated in the auction rule book. The auction company doesn't have any responsibilities if they overlook the mechanical faulties except "Some Major issues". Even though the vehicles purchased in auction has serious mechanical troubles, Basically the auction company doesn't accept it as "Claims", all must be repaired by the buyer.(has some restrictions, and rules for Claims, but 15yrs old vehicle is not warrantied any of problems by auction companies.)

As you knows, It's almost impossible for us to find the mechanical issues which happens suddenly, or might or might not occurs tomorrow, or after tomorrow, or a couple of weeks later, and We knows that It's impossible to Rate the mechanical conditions same as the Body/Interior Conditions, by auction inspections, and our inspections at auction house.

"Problems", We can see, and find very easily, like "Driveshaft boots broken", "Oil leakage", "Exhaust gas leakage", "white exhaust gas ", "Belt making noises", etc, are usually remarked in the auction paper, But called as "Hidden problems", which might appeared in future, are out of responsibility of "Auction inspections rules", because the vehicles sold in auction is "Used Vehicles".
Speak easily, Even though the problems meitioned in the paper, or not mentioned, Auctionee has no responsibilities about this.
Japanese Auction is a closed market for "Professional Car Sellers/Buyers", and Auction is membership system. Individual custmer can't participate in any auto auctions here. If you don't know this, You also keep this in your mind.

The auction rules says The buyer check the vehicles by themself before Bidding it, So You should know that It has more risks to buy used vehicles than To buy Brand new vehicles. and People who wants used vehicles, which is almost same as "New car", should not buy vehicles in "Auto auctions". USED VEHICLES IS USED VEHICLES EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS LIKE NEW CAR.
We are based on "Mechanical workshop/Vehicles Dealers" in japan, so We pay much attention to the vehicle mechanical conditions more than any other exporters, but We have to say we can't point out all "Problems" which might/might not occurs in future.

How does the inspector rate the grade for it?

The Auction Grade is decided by "Interior valuation chart", and "Valuation basis for Auction Grade". Till Last year, "Exterior valuation basis" was using to judge the exterior condition more clearly, but this process went of no use, after all, The auction grade since 2009 seems to be "Sweet" than last year, We feel the new auction rule is not better "Judgement process" compared to the previous process.
How to rate the auction grade , following these steps...

1. Inspect the vehicle Interior condition by "Interior Valuation Chart", then rate the RANK ,from A to E rank(A is better than E)
3. Inspect the vehicle Exterior condition, but Not using any "Chart",
3. Check the "Valuation basis for auction grade chart", then the Chart lead the "Auction Grade".

You can understand more easily after You see "Interior Valuation Chart", "Valuation for auction grade chart", and "Exterior Valuation Chart"(Is already disused...).

Please keep this in your mind, The Present auction rule DOES NOT USE "Exterior Valuation chart".
So The auction grade rate of all vehicles Sold after Jan, 2009, is "Sweet" than all vehicles sold before Jan, 2009.
Speak more easily, Now it says Grade 4, Usually 3,5 to 4 grade before, if it says 3,5, could be 3 to 3,5 grade.

(Click the text, then open the New Browser, so Please check POP-UP BLOCK rule on your browser)
@Supplemental Interior Valuation Basis
(You can compare PREVIOUS / PRESENT chart and differences)

@Supplemental Exterior Valuation Basis.

@Valuation Basis & Auction Grade

(You can compare PREVIOUS / PRESENT chart and differences)

Why the Exterior Valuation Basis "Disused"? Even though it shows more clearly about the body faulties???

We have no idea Why the auction company decided to disuse "Exterior Valuation basis Chart" for Auction grade judgement...,
But We can say clearly that Now the auction grade in any auctions after the rule changed, All Grade more higher than before.
Speak more easily, If judging by the previous rules, The vehicle has to be 3,5 grade, But now rated 4grade... or bit more.

Good auction grade vehicles is always Good? or just a good on "Rate"

We can't say "YES", because Auction paper doesn't show in details about "Vehicle mechanical conditions" at all, and Even though the rate is good, It says only the body and the interior conditions, not for "Total vehicle conditions".
Auction grade is one of a reference, It's a very risky for you to believe only "Auction Grade rate".
If you would believe only "Grade rate ", You will be disappointed the vehicles you will get from japan.
because We saw many vehicles, which has good rate Auction grade, but Very bad mechanical vehicles.
If it looks good, Please remind that all the vehicles are 15years old, Not a new car.

The only things We can say, is that You'd be more careful, and sensitive for Auction grade, and Must knows "How to rate the auction grade in auctions". After you know this, You can understand very well that Auction grade doesn't show all the vehicle conditions, and the vheicle actual conditions, total conditions, including the mechanical is totally different from its auction grade.
and It's impossible for you to know "Vehicle Conditions" by auction papers, and You need the "Reliable and honest" suppliers who do inspections, and Services for you in japan...

What is the best way to find exporters, who can lead you "your best vehicles"?

1stly, You'd better to find, search the Exporter's Webpages, which shows many "Examples" of cars they sold, or shows "What they can do " by pictures, and You can confirm it very clearly. We know Many of exporters are listing "Auction cars" as their stock vehicles, and Some bad exporters shows vehicles pictures which THEY DON'T HAVE ACTUALLY in their inventory. Needless to say, If you deal with such bad exporters, You will be disappointed with all... The more you see many exporter's webpage, The more you have abilities to find good exporters.

2ndly If you would like to get "Good veicles with Good Services", Better to deal with Compnies who has their own facilities.
Exporters who has their own facilities , Generally they show their stock yards, their workshops, etc, in their webpage officially.
To make custmer feels more confortable, Good exporters do so, but Unfortunately Most of exporters DO NOT have their own facilities.
If you would like to buy auction as it is condition vehicles, You don't need to pay attention to this issue, but If you would like to get Good vehicles with Good service, This is a very important things for you. Usually Most of Vehicle exporters offer "Bidding" services. They just bid vehicles in auction, then arrange shipping.. they don't do any additional services, it's normal. But If you would like to them , to clean it, or to inspect, repair it if neccessary, To deal with companies Who can offer you many kinds of Services, is very important.
We are based on Japanese Car dealers, with Mechanical/Body/Tuning service, so We can accept most of difficult request by custmers.

Finally, You have to remind that Cheap price gives you Cheap vehicles, Expensive price gives you "Very nice vehicles". there is no exceptions, and No miracle on the vehicle price, and services. You need "Good service", It cost more than "Less better vehicles".

We have been supplying "Good vehicles with Good service" at better price as could as possible, but Most of our stock vehicles prices are expensive than similar km other exporters vehicles. And Our auction service fees is always a bit higher than other Brokage exporters service fees. The reason is very simple, We can service more than any other exporters, and Conditions of vehicles we supply to custmers are always better than others, as long as the km, and auction grade is similar to them.
Our Inspection standards, and quality standards are more strict than any other exporters, and We control our quality standards strictly.
If you are interested in purchasing cheap price cars, We have to say We are not the best dealer for you, better to deal with others.
However, If you would like to get "Really nice vehicles", We are the best dealer for you.

If you deal with exporters, who has no good skills, etc...

Please remind that The auction paper is a reference, Not 100% Correct, so We have to double check the actual vehicle conditions by ourself, so as to judge the "Auction grade" in the paper is Correct or not, and to see the actual mechanical conditions...
We know many vehicle dealers, exporters who doesn't know, understand this rules completely, and has no skills to inspect, check the vehicle conditions following to the Valuation basis rules, If you would deal with such "Unskilled, Non experienced" suppliers, you might have "Very Bad, and different condition vehicles" than You have been thinking of...We saw and know many "EXPORTERS" who belive only auction grade written in the inspection paper, can not, and Do Not do any proper pre-inspections. Such Exporters mostly bid the custmer request vehicle VIA INTERNET AUCTION BIDDING..Just seeing the Monitor, bid it, then arrange transportation by Phone call, actually They don't see the vehicle by themself, never, ever.
f You deal with exporters who can't read the auction paper precisely and No knowlegement for Grade rules, You might feel, "I don't want to import vehicles from japan never , ever..." To prevent such "Night mares", We recommend you to know the auction rules very well by yourself as could as possible, and has Skills to judge Your supplier is "Best for you or not", before you make your decision to deal with them.

Actual Sample : 1994 Subaru WRX 5DR STi Version (Limited production model)

This is a good example for Auction grade, and actual conditions, How many difference between "Paper" and "Vehicles"? We show all.
We inspected this Subaru WRX by our eyes at the auction house in Feb, 2008, then show some reference pictures, and our comments against this Subaru, and the auction grade. You will understand How do we inspect the vehicle selling in auction actually.

We checked this at Japan auto auction on Nagoya City in this Feb, 2009.

Vehicle conditions We saw actually, and the difference between Auction paper, and vehicle conditions.
Click these pics, the new browser shows you more bigger size pics, and our comments in details(600X450Pixel size)
Exterior Condition
This mentioned in the auction paper This mentioned in the auction paper
This mentioned in the auction paper NOT mentioned in the auction paper
This mentioned in the auction paper NOT mentioned in the auction paper
NOT mentioned in the auction paper NOT mentioned in the auction paper
This mentioned in the auction paper This mentioned in the auction paper
Interior Condition
Looks better than "C" rank interior The meter panel not "Touched", We confirmed it.
Leather surface tells us "Odometer" is right... Pedals tells us same "Odometer" is right
Seat, No problems, and better than km. We feel "Good" all plastic parts.
Not worn badly, Km is correct. Very good condition rear seats..
This is a cause of "C" rank... Except The seat damage, Mostly "B" rank...
Underchassis inspection
NOT mentioned in the auction paper NOT mentioned in the auction paper
Mentioned, but Worse than inspector comments Mentioned, but Worse than inspector comments
Mentioned, but Worse than inspector comments Mentioned, but Worse than inspector comments
NOT mentioned in the auction paper Floor chassis pretty good condition.
Compare to the auction paper info & our actual inspection report(Actual report we sent my custmer)
[After the inspection process, We comments(Wrote) this on e-mail, then sent to custmer...
Most of all I talked with my custmer by "Phone", but The double check process for him, I sent this e-mail to him later after I went back to my office.
This is the 1st Vehicle for my custmer, I found and inspect it for him, so I explained in details about How to inspect this vehicles at the auction place.

Good Morning Sir,
I already talked with you about "Inspection report" on the phone on this morning, but as your rererences, you can do double check later what I explained for the WRX by reading this e-mail.
Please hold this mail, and understand my inspection process. I do same for next vehicles, so You don't need to worry about "Buying no good vehicle".. I do best for you...

Basically , [Inspector report] mentioned in the auction paper We confirmed all actually. judging by my inspections, this auction paper is mostly "Correct", but We found a few "points" not mentioned in the auction papers, and the inspector says "Engine oil Stained", "Power steering oil Stained" was wrong, Engine oil, and Power stering fluid Both Leaks a lot than usual level. Especially The engine oil leakage level is "Serious level". the power steering fluid leakage seems to be by "Rubber hose", so Just change the rubber hose, will be repaired, cost not so much, but The engine require disassemble process... cost much more..and It already made a noise, probably valve clearance bad condition.

KM is certified by this paper, and We feel this is an original km vehicle, and There is no doubtful "History", or "Sign" of Wrong or clock-wised meter problems.. All plastic parts, hand brake lever, shift Boots, steering rims, pedals, power steering switches, arm rest, chassis, judging by all these parts, people touch always when "Driving", tells us "no doubtful" about km.. About the shift nob, the steering rims, feesl more better than this 78,000km, better condition. The ashtray plastic worn badly, but this is usual, not a serious issues.
Only concern in the interior is "Passenger side seats" has bad scratches, like Scratched by Very sharp items... keys? or Pencils, or Nails of Animals like Cat, or dog(But never seen any hairs of Dog, cat inside..), The Interior doesn't have any nasty "Smells", like Animals, Smokings, Looks much better than average condition vehicles similar to this original km, and 15years old. We found some "cigarettes" in the ash-tray, but I can say this unit was Non smoking vehicles for many years.. The door trims, the seats, the plastics, the roof clothes, all were better than usual, Not damaged by "Smoking", The reason the "C" rate for interior is caused by the Passenger seat "Scratches". if the pasenger seats similar condition to Driverside, The rate will be "B". no major faulties in the inside vehicles.I feel very good on "Inside vehicle".

The mechanical conditons are not explained in the auction papers We explained already.. so We checked the mechanical conditions under these steps.

1. Confirm the engine is "Cold", open the oil filler cap, check oil gauge, open the radiator cap.
Anti freeze coolant was filled up, and the colour looks good(Green), Oil a bit lower than Low level, filler cap seems "No problems" on the backside, then check the "oil leakage locations" before starting the engines.

2. Start the engine, check engine condition immediately, then idling 10min, to wait Engine warm up,
the check the engine conditions in details....
The idling on cold temp seems to be "Rough" than usual.. hear some "Miss firing sounds", probably the plug worn already, or suck some air from the pipes, or the other places...from Intercooler??
After warming up, The Idoling bit better than cold temp, but still "miss firing" occured, and The accerations seems to be "Dull and lots of miss firing", and suddenly engine stopped frequently.
This must be caused by "Air Flow meter" dirt, or has problems, very usual issue for Subaru EJ engine.
and I heard some Loud noise from the engines? or the exhaust pipes? or somewhere, and confirm a few holes on the pipls, and the shoroud covers for The catalizer, The exhaust pipes looks "Very rusts", so I think all the pipes, from the exhaust headers, to the tail end, must be replaced immediately.
I found a "Oil stained" on the honeycomb surface of the intercooler, and hear some noise, probably this intercooler damaged, has some invisible holes or something "Leak the air", and this makes also "rough idling", and If we could drive this , we can judge 100% "Air leaked" or not, but could not run at auction place, so We judge "Probably Leakage".... Usually Damaged intercooler, or Sucking air from the pipes, the connections makes the vehicle "Power downed", Boost doesn't goes higher as usual... like Non turbo vehicle, very slow, and eats a lots of fuels. Probably this WRX has similar troublems.
The tambling noise I heard when start the engine, it seems like "valve clearance noises", but usual for cold winter first engine starting, but this sounds doesn't disappeared after warming up, we judge the engine seems to be "Tired", Not in good conditions.. Not seen any White smog from the tail pipes, but i feel smells of Gasoline from the tail pipes, and a bit black smokes..

We can't drive it, but check the clutch worn conditions, and the shift feelings, just go and back 1m distance at there..
1stly The Clutch was almost worn, means "Must repaired immediately", probably We drive this at 5th gear , full throttle, the clutch "Slip" arleady, i can judge this. Not heard any noise yet, but almost worn. The shift feel was also Bad, the shift return springs was missing 100%, the shift feeling was very dull, and the shift lever never return automatically when We shit 1 to 2gear.. this is also typical issue for EJ20 model.

The rear diff case oil stained,usually not so serious issue,because Fill up oils on the above drains, oil stained if not cleaned after "Fill up", but this WRX, the diff oil leaks from the lower connection bolts. the seal almost "Dead". If driven hardly, The diff might be repaired completely, and this cost much money.

Checked suspension links, brake rotors, calipers, and We feel this WRX had been parking at outside for many years, Not driven... see some "Surface rusts" on the brake calipers, hubs, nuckles, this is a typical "Parking rusts", and All door handle plastic "Damaged" by UV, and all the door glass moldings plastic covers ripped off, and the roof, the front hood, and the rear spoilers all "Not shine" , discoloured.

The body paint conditions, Needless to say, Many dents, scratches are there, so require "Repairment", but Side panel was not bad, still shine, the metalic no problems. However top panels, Front Hood, Roof, painting was no good, Already Not shined, require "Painting job"... Especially The rear top, and middle spoilers "Paint removed", different colour, very bad condition. As a results, If we would make this Looks better, We have to paint fully, repair dents, paint all, and paint roof, etc, Same as "Full body painting". This is a most important on Cosmetic issues, cost too much for "Full painting"...

The underchassis was very clean, No dents, No scratches, No rusts, pretty nice chassis. I can say this WRX has no "Down height history", driven only on good condiiton roads. and Of course, Any damage history on chassis.

My most concerns were "Engine Conditions", and "Paint issues". If you like this Rare WRX, wants this very very much, even though you don't care to spend much money, This might be worth for you... However We calculate the total cost to make this "Looks better on cosmetic, Better Mechanical condiitons", we know it cost too much for all, It's more better to buy "More better condition WRX".

The auction grade is rated , 4 and C, but my rate is 3,5 and C.
The Exterior condition is not worth for "4" rates, the inspector miss a few "Dents", "Scratches", not mentioned in the paper, so If we would judge this clearly, strictly, this must be 3,5 grade.
The Interior condition We agree with "C", but If the passenger seats are "No problems", the rate
is "B". It's very easy for us to inform you "Interior is C", but I think "I can say B condition, if Passenger seats OK, so All the interior condtion looks better than C grade".

About the mechanical conditions, Not better than usual, so We didn't bid this finally, We judged this is not worth for you to pay too much money for this, I can't recommend this to you, because you request me "Good looking, Good condition" unit.

Unfortunately This WRX doesn't meet your "Request condition", so I decided not to bid this for you, and Keep looking for another nice unit for you, then inform it soon again when I find it..

Hope I could find nice unit for you soon,

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