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--UPDATE on 2010/04/02
--1989 Nissan S-Cargo|Scargo Van / STOCK NO : G20-117--

purchase of MONKY'S INC stock # G20-008496 1989 Nissan Scargo

Good evening Yas San,

We are more than happy to say that you did very good job on the goods you promised to delivery. We are 100% happy about the car we received. I can say that the car condition is better than we expected as there are quite a few extra new parts were put in which we don't expect before the delivery.

You can post this email on your testimonials pages and your customer are free to email us for reference.

We'll put a car wrap advertisment on the car. After that we'll take a picture for your customer reference.

Once again, THANK YOU for the great work you & your team done !
All The Best !

Jackie Lau

Dijo's Pizza Express, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dijo's Pizza & Panzerotto Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada
RareNoteCanada, Burnaby, BC, Canada


April 1, 2010
--1994 Mitsubishi Minicab Truck U42T Mini Truck 4wd 5spd 660cc/ STOCK NO : U42T-100--

Dear Yas-san;

I'm happy to report that the Mitsubishi Minicab arrived safely last night.
Now that I've been able to have a look at it in the light of day, I must say
I'm thrilled by the condition of the truck. The arrival of the flatdeck car
carrier from Vancouver brought several of my neighbours out on to the street
to see what was going on, and they all agreed the Minicab was in near mint
condition. When the truck I originally ordered didn't meet your high
standards and you went out and found me this truck in even better condition
with even lower mileage, and then offered it to me at the same price as the
original, I think you went above and beyond what would be expected of a car
dealer. I very much appreciate the great service you have provided, and I
would be delighted if you used this letter and the attached photos on your
testimonials page.

Many thanks for all your work,

Robb Smith
Victoria, BC

The origina U42T-100 info here:
Mitsubishi Minicab Truck U42T Mini Truck

--1993 Toyota Supra RZ Twinturbo JZA80 Model / Auction Serviced--

Thank you for featuring our car on your website. We have been very pleased with the purchases that we have made from you so far. You have been helpful and diligent in finding the right cars for us and resolving issues that arose. We are impressed by the amount of detail you go into when getting the vehicles ready for transport. The engine compartment always looks like it does from the "showroom floor". Here are a couple photos of the 93 Supra and one of the 91 and 93 Supra's.

This Supra "Details" here :
1993 JZA80 Supra RZ TT Auction Serviced

--1991 Daihatsu Hijet 4x4 Mini Truck Tail gate lifter / STOCK NO : S83P-001--
Dear Yas,

Now worries, the registration department took all my paper work so I no
longer need the export cert. Thank you.
I drove from Vancouver to Thunder Bay after Japanoid Garage do some work for
me to meet Canadian standards. Total distance was 3800 km avg speed 80 km/hr
was great. Yas, truck in good condition over all and I am pleased with it.
My only thought would be, that I would think it better suited for a 5 spd
transmission rather than the 4 spd it has. Thank you again. Attached are
couple of pic when I drove through mountains.

Mr.Terry Jewell,

This Hijet 4x4 Mini Truck "Details" here :
1991 Daihatsu Hijet 4x4 Mini Truck Tail Gate Lifter /S83P-001

--1989 Nissan S-Cargo Van / STOCK NO : G20-112--

Mr.Greg Houston, Calgary, AB, Canada.

Houston Reality Ca

--1989 Nissan PAO rare tangelin 5spd model--
Hi Yas,

I just wanted to follow up and say that I was able to register the vehicle
here. I simply had to go to another office (one where the workers actually
didn't mind working) and the woman there was very helpful.

So, for our first trip, it was my daughter's 2nd birthday and we took the
car to the beach. She loves it (calls it her 'little car'). My wife enjoys
driving it around. She is getting used to all the controls (steering
wheel, gear shift, turn signals, etc) being on the opposite side. A little
tricky to begin with. She stopped by the grocery store on the way home
yesterday... and had no less than four people ask her about the car. One
of the nicest things about the car... we can take it all over on the
weekend and then when we fill it up with gas, it hardly has used any.
Compared to our 'daily' vehicles, it is a pleasant surprise going to the
gas station.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much pleasure
the little Pao brings us. It was a pleasure doing business with you and
hope to do so again in the near future. You were very helpful and
informative throughout the entire process. Please, if you ever have anyone
looking for a referral, I would be happy to let them know how excellent
our experience has been in buying the Pao.

All the best,


Mr.Jay Helmer

--1991 Suzuki Carry Truck 660cc, mini truck , --
Dear Yas,

Please excuse the length of time it took to send you a picture and a
testimonial. We are very busy renovating a hundred year old house so our
time is limited. However, we are so HAPPY with the little truck and it has
proved it's worth many times over. We use it to move equipment (in the
picture we are hauling a septic tank), garden items and many more things.
We can't thank you enough for your kind and VERY professional manner. It is
wonderful to do business with an overseas company and discover that
everything they said about the vehicle and it's condition was correct. We
have recommended you to several other people who have all taken a fancy to
my little truck. Bye the way, we call the truck "Tonka" after the little
trucks that small boys play with.

I hope this finds you in the best of health.


Linda Stratton
--1991 Toyota ARISTO V Leather model --
Hi Yas, The Aristo runs well. I have only driven it home to my driveway
because I need to complete an inspection before I can register and drive
it. I have headlights from the USA coming so that I have "DOT" standard
lights not "JIS" standard. Seems to only need a little bit of work to be a
gorgeous car .... little trim detached inside and water/little rust in the
trunk probably from the antena wires from the TV/Navigation unit. I am
working on this now.

My neighbors are very curious about "this silver car with the big wheels"!
Here are some photos of the car on the driveway.

You are lucky to have such nice vehicles in Japan. We do not have much to
choose from here. Toyota does not even have a sports model anymore. So we
must import a used vehicle. I just hope our government does not ruin our
fun. We are still fighting.....


--Nissan Scargo in Calgary with Mr.Williams --
We are happy to show one of our custmers in Calgary, AB, Canada. He loves "Scargo", then decided to import Scargo by himself, then contacted a few months ago, then we supplied him a nissan scargo... Now We have had a "Happy e-mail" from Mr.Williams, he and Scargo...

Konnichiwa Yas-san,

I flew out from Calgary early (6:00 am) last Monday and picked up the
S-Cargo at the Fraser Wharves. No problem with the paperwork - except
of course the $$ - more than I had expected because of a number of
little fees that add up. Total was CAD$ 1250.00. My total price will
be about CAD$ 7500.00, including trip to pick it up and fuel to get

When we picked up the van it had the emergency tire on - problem on the
boat I guess.

There was some damage on the front bumper, but the Fraser Wharves make
you sign an agreement before that says they are not responsible - too

I had to replace 2 tires before the trip to Calgary - one tire was not
in good condition (driver's rear) so we put 2 new ones on the front.
Also had to replace both windshield wipers because they were torn. I
was not expecting this extra expense, but better to be safe. It also
made us late to get out of Vancouver - we had hoped to leave by 9:00
am, but did not get out of town until about 1:00 pm

Trip across the mountains was good and I am happy to say the S-Cargo
performed perfectly. 1018 kms, 12 hours, speed between 90 -110 kph
except for some mountain passes. Turned 50000 km on the odometer.
Used no oil and got about 30 mpg. The seats are NOT the most
comfortable for a long drive. We both had sore butts. Here are a few
pictures of the drive.

Coqihalla mountain pass - 1240 mtrs

Al San,
Thank you for selecting MONKY'S INC and purchasing Nissan Scargo at us,
Even though There are a quite lots Japanese used car Export
companies in japan, and I believe I am a lucky person because I can feel very happy
to supply the Car You loves, and I could have these nice pics and Your comments this time.

i hope this Lovery van makes your life more happy, and help your own business in Canada,
and This small van gives you something like "Good " for you and your family.

He produces a Custom made Guitar Case in Canada, and so famous world widely,
his company, "Carltoncase".

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