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We have been having many questions about "how to register JDM imports in the u.s.a", BUT Basically it's is not the things we have to do for the american importers, and It's not concern of us "HOW YOU USE IT IN THE U.S.A after you import JDM vehicles from japan".
You import vehicle for "What purpose" is not concerned of us, you decide it by yourself before you try to import vehicle.
We have been having so much strange feeling about the people who ask this issue of us, because WE DON'T ASK OUR JAPANESE REGULATIONS OF EXPORTERS OUTSIDE JAPAN. We do all necessary "Process" for vehicle registrations in japan by ourself after we import vehicles from U.S.A, Canada, and other countries.

It's a time wasting issues on talking about "Rules and regulations in the u.s.a." between us and U.S.Residents, and We won't reply any of it.
We deal only with persons/companies who can do "ALL BY THEMSELF", so If you could not make all issues clear, Please DO NOT CONTACT US and NEVER ASK OF U.S.Regulations, Registration issues.

We deal with persons/companies who can do all necessary importation process without asking "how to" of us.
Payment terms is "Bank Transfer" or "Western Union money transfer" in Japanese yen Currency(No US$ We accept)
Shipping arrangement requires the certified documents, which is issued by D.O.T, E.P.A, and U.S. Customs for Used vehicles, or alternative documents which We can confirm We won't be in troubles at all after we ship the vehicle from japan to the u.s.a.
Any questions about "How to import, How to legalize" NOT ACCEPTABLE AT US.
We DO NOTHING, which is related to "Registration, importation" in the u.s.a.
We DO only "Selling vehicles", and "Arrange shipment" following to the above terms and conditions.


Contact by E-mail:

@Your Full Name
@Your Contact Phone Number
@Your Full Address

We reply you witin 48hours as long as Your contact mail has proper informations.
If No custmer infomation in your mail, No reply mails by us reach to you.
E-mail Here : office@monkys.jp

Contact by Telephone Call
Please call these phone number during our business hours AM11 to PM7 GMT+9:00
Except "Sunday", "Monday" and "Japanese Holidays".

Enquiry form For Vehicles in Stock :
Please use "Stock Cars Enquiry Form" for requesting informations about Vehicles IN STOCK.
Each Stock Information page has this form.
JDM Subaru WRX GC8 EJ20 AWD 34,000km Mint Car For Sale Soon japan to canada1994/3 ST205 Toyota Celica GT4 WRC Version coming soon For sale Japan, Pictures, infomation, available soon!1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 For Sale/ Volk TE37rims, Ohlins heigt adjustable coil over, N1 Turbounit, twinplate cluth, gauges, etc. Low km, good unit! FOR SALE SOON

Enquiry Form For Vehicles Not in stock :
Please use "Auction Buying Enquiry Form" for requesting informations abouve Vehicles NOT IN STOCK
We can find any vehicles as your requests, meets your requests, in Japan Market. Many resouces, auto auctions,
dealer auctions, stock offered by local dealers, individual 4sale offers, etc. The more you comments, The more
We can advice you clearly.
This JZA80 is an Auction Car, which is Reconditioned in MONKY'S INC , Mint Condition JZA80 Supra RZ! Lots of Pictures available at SOLD CAR GALLERY
Contact e-mail :
When you send your mail to this e-mail address, Please write the subject You'd like to ask of us "CLEARLY",

Application Form For MONKY'S INC CANADA CARS DIVISION official Distributors/Agent :
Please use "Distributor/Agent Application Form" for requesting informations about Distributors/Agent.
We are looking for Reliable and Honest Canadian Distributors/Agents in Canada, who agree with our business policies,
and help to introduce our quality better used vehicles, and Services to Custmers in Canada.
Basically Agent has to be Registered dealers, or liscensed workshop only, who has their own showrooms, mechanical
workshops. Distributors doesn't require many regualtions, Even though Individuals, We are welcome your application.
For more rules, regulations about Distributors, Agents, Feel free to contact us 1stly by this Application Form.

Terms/Conditions on Yahoo Auctions Vehicle Shopping:

We recognize that Most of vehicles sold in Yahoo are vehicles, which can't show any clear informations to Buyers.Most of Cars
doesn't have any documents, show us "history, Km is certified or not, and accident history", and We feel that Most sellers in
Yahoo try to sell vehicles as a good vehicles rather than actual conditions. If you would like to use Yahoo Auction Bidding
Service, please remind that We don't do any physical inspections, goes to the sellers locations, ask any questions against sellers.
Because We know They don't usually inform us "Correct informations". We will help on bidding the vehicles in Yahoo, but
We don't owe any "Problems", you could have after You purchase it, so You have to take all risks, problems by yourself when
you use Yahoo auctions. and We don't do any "Yahoo auction parts shopping" at all.

Vintrage and Rare Vehicles Requests:

1973 TE27 JDM Vintage LEVIN for sale japan to U.S.A. Canada Belgium Finland UK Australia Ireland100% LEGALIZED SKYLINE GT IN U.S.A OVER 25YERAS OLD VINTAGE JDM NISSAN DATSUN FOR SALE JAPAN TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA1974 TA22 JDM RHD Celica GTV 2TG Vintage For Sale Japan
We have many connections with "Vintage, and Rare cars owners clubs" in Japan, and The Owner of MONKY'S INC
Yasuhiro Totoki is a members of Japan Z31 Club(Nissan Fairlady member's club for Z31 model only), and PMSC
Hakosuka Clubs. We have lots experiences to supply, sell called as "JDM Vintage cars", like Celica, Levin, Trueno,
Hakosuka skylines, old scool boys style vehicles since 1999year, and We have been doing "Broker Service" for
Japanese Local custmers here. In case You request us to find such vintage cars, Basically We require the deposit,
50% to 100% of Estimated FOB prices of The vehcle in advance before we start to finding the vehicles for you.

We recongnized that Custmer would not agree to pay "Deposit" for vintage cars, usually not so serious to finding it,
so Deposit payment is must, and We need it against all custmers. Please make sure before you send us
"Vintage car request", you are ready to send deposit to us immediately or not. We always spent many times, and
efforts to finding the best matching vintage vehicles for our custmers, so We can't do business with any custmers
who can't agree with our policies, and terms. We deal only with Custmers who make us feel "Serous".

Special Kinds of Vehicle requests:

FOR SALE 1991 Nissan Sil80 sileighty 180SX modified SR20DET 5spd, black modelFOR SALE SOON Subaru Samber Mini Truck 4x4 Super Charger ModelSTOCK USED CAR/1991 BNR32 Bee-Racing B324R DRIFT CAR Modified Car for sale
We have our own mechanical workshop in Japan, and can customize your purchased vehicles at our workshop.
Like Face swap, 180SX to Silvia face, S14 Silvia zenki to Kouki, Strawberry face swap(S15face), Bee 324R complete body swapping,
Subaru, Suzuki Kei-truck, and Kei-vans VW style conversions, Classis face, Bistro face conversions, any kinds of Body, Mechanical
Conversion service available at us. If you have such requests, We can estimate "Modification cost" separetely after You purchase our stock vehicles or auction, other resouces vehicles. For more details, You can contact by Forms, and e-mail.

Modifications for Fitting the vehicles "Each person":

Example, We can built special Low position, and extended seat reails for "Very tall persons" like 200cm or more.
JDM cars are produced mainly for "Average size japanese persons, so Sometime It doesn't fit for custmers outside japan, Too small...
We can modify "Seat positions", "Steering positions", many kinds of modifications for "Interface" at our workshop.
For more details, You can contact by Forms, and e-mail.
You can see the Nissan Scargo, Modified for 210cm tall custmer here:

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