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--Quality Standards & Vehicle Pricing Terms--
Our Sales Base FOB price includes many kinds of Services.......

All of our stock vehicles are supplied to Custmers not the same Conditions in the "PICTURES" , you see in our webpage.
All those cars are completely Inspected in our mechanical factory, then cleaned up , then ship to custmer country.
Generally Speaking, Our Cars are "Reconditioned", and Pass Japan Shaken Test already in our factory.
Our Mechanical factory is Registered & Liscensed , and Aproved Domestic Shaken Testing factory.
What kinds of Serivce including in the FOB price, and How do we handle for Custmer purchased vehicle,
Please see the difference, Base FOB price and LESS FOB PRICE.

--Introducing Our Mechanical Services, parts supply, Our own stock yards, etc...--

Base FOB price
includes these services automatically.
When you don't need any of these Services, Please choice "LESS FOB PRICE".
We ship the vehicle completely As is condition.

Machine polished, then long lasting Polymer Coating finished. Panel looks Mirror glazed, beautiful condition.
Dashboard, door panel, etc, All plastic parts washed, polished sanitarized, Seat, carpet, floormat cleaned up, roof cloth washed.
Steam washed, then applied "Black and clear rust prevention painting".
--Engine Bay--
Completely washed, cleaned up.
When we pass the custmer purchased vehicles to The local Transport Service company, We check it Finally, then say good-bye.

This Sample is our previous Stock vehicle, Nissan S-cargo, Stock Number G20-113
Using Polishing machine, crays, etcCheck each panel, after polishing, check the surface conditions, then Polymer coat
All Body panels "Polished", then Polymer Coated, last longer "Shine", most of minor scratches disappeared on this process. Custmer feels "Lots of differences" after Purchasing process.
Panels reflects very clearly , like "Mirror" surface

1stly The body washed, then choice best "Item", using Cray, or Polisher, then cleaning the body panel. Most of Minor Scratches will be Disappeared by this process, The Body panel back to "SHINE" like Brand new car, then We do very hard work "Polymer Coating", taking 30minutes per 1body panel size (1m x 1m, per 30minutes, total 3 to 5hours...)
Our best efforts gives Custmer vehicle "Shine, and Looks like new car", this is one of our pleasure time.


1stly Chek each parts conditions of the interiors, We remove parts as could as possible, then wash and dry, check deeply inside "Hidden place", dirts, and muds.
After "Washing", assemble all parts again, looks much better than original interior conditions.
if the parts "Discoloured", or "Broken", "Teared", We repair those parts, then assembling it.

Parts , which We can remove, we remove all, then wash each parts, then assembled again. If need "Repair", like "Discoloured", or "Cracked", We repair "Painting", or "bond , putty", or Changed with Spare parts in our inventory, so This process is not just "Cleaning" process, a kind of "REFUBISHED PROCESS" for Interior of Custmer purchased vehicles.

Suspensions and Inner fender usually has lots of sands, and surface rusts. We removes all, then carefully paint the suspensions, and inner fender. No muds, rusts, and dirt.
Underchassis brushed, steam cleaned, then painting by Long lasting Clear coating.
Wheel, brakes, all dusts, dirt, greases removed, brushed, steam cleaned, then chassis painting..

UNDERCHASSIS IS MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF VEHICLES, because It's very hard to repair, or change floor panel, and If it has much problems, You have to pay much money for it.
There are many "Hidden problems", like heavy rusts, Corrosions, rust holes, , very bad scratches, dents. Even though Underchassis is very important section of Vehicles, Many exporters doesn't show vehicle underchassis conditions... We always do "STEAM CLEANING" 1stly, then remove minor rusts, and if need, repaired, then Spray Black on suspensions, under fender , Clear coat on the underchassis, To Prevent "Rusts, and Scratches" in future...
These Efforts is not invisible, and hard to be "Evaluate" , but We do our best All the part of Vehicles...

--Engine Bay--
"Clean Engine Bay" gives us relief, and something like "This unit is clean vehicle". it's very important to buy used vehicles. and This process help us to find "Hidden Problems" on the Custmer vehicle Before Shipping process. find "leakage", which is not easy to be found... mechanical issues. We do this Engine bay cleaning process just before "Shipping process", then to double check the vehicle conditions finally BEFORE WE SHIP VEHICLES TO CUSTMER.
Of course, When we found any serious troubles, We report Custmer , then immediately repair it.

Please be carefull against the Engine bay Pictures, looks like "Very shine, glitter", This is a fake, and a kind of magic , Looks very clean In the picture, by "Silicon Spray", This methods is very popular in Japanese Used Cars, truck Retail shops. People feel "Very clean", but actually just Spray "Silicon spray", Not cleaned up, just a Cosmetic Magic.

We don't use any "Silicone spray" like Armor all, or polish spray on Engine bay. It's very easy for us to make it "SHINE" by those chemical spray, but it's not "ACTUALLY CLEANED", Just spray "polish coating", it's a fake beauty... We always Clean the engine bay deeply, using very small , tiny brushes, special detergents, wash and dry, check it, then do as could as possible we can Clean... In case The steel parts Discoloured, We usually "Paint " parts, to prevent "Rusts"... We spent many hours for this Engine bay cleaning...

--Mechanical Conditions--
All these parts, generally accepted "Consumable parts" which is required for replacement on schedule, by km, are inspected, and if need, We changed with Genuine or OEM quality best New replacement parts, NO ADDITIONAL FEES REQUIRED.
(In case We judge the parts no problems now, We don't change it. Worn, or damaged, teared, we change with new parts.)

If problems, Basically We changed these parts in this list in our mechanical factory, No additional fees required.

  • Vbelts (Radiator, Power steering, Alternator)
  • Driveshaft Boost(Inside and outside)
  • Steering lack pinion rubber boots(Left and Right)
  • Radiator upper and lower rubber pipes, and Anti freeze coolant
  • Brake pads, and Brake shoes, and all related parts(Cups, rubbers)
  • Engine Oil, and Oil filter
  • Air filter, Fuel filter
  • Carburator, or throttle bulb Cleaning
  • Electric Plugs, Distributor cap, and Plug wires
Any other parts "Replacement" requests available at us.(Additional labor and parts fee required)

  • Battery
  • All Bulbs of Headlight, turnsignals, fog lump, all LIghting devices
  • Wiper Blades
  • All Tires , includes Spare Tires.

We inspect these "Mechanical Conditions" in our factory, The test program is same as JAPANESE SHAKEN TEST

Engine room
  • Power steering belts, Vbelts, all vbelts, rubber boot
  • Electric Spark devices, plugs, wires, distributors, Battery Conditions
  • Exhaust gas colour, leakage, CO & HC level, Air Cleaner dirt.
  • Cooling unit, electric fan, Antifreeze coolant level, Water leakage
  • Fuel, Fuel filter dirtness, leakage
  • Emission devices, Catalic converter, exhaust gas leakage, Chacoal , blow-by-gas check
Inside Room
  • Steering feeling, Brake pedal , Parking brake, Cluth pedals.
  • Front toe in /out level
  • Shock absorber(damper) oil leakage
  • Suspension connections, bolts, nuts, torque
  • Brake master cylinder, Wheel cylinder, disk caliper oii leakage, cup rubbers, disk pads, shoes, brake pipes
  • Wheel , tires, inflations, bolts, nuts,
  • Engine oil leakage
  • Steering gear box , power steering fluid leakage, bolts, nuts , torque
  • Transmission/Transfer oil leakage, oil level
  • Propeller shaft, joint connecting, Driveshaft boots condiitons
  • Differentianl units, oil leakage, oil level
  • Exhaust pipes rusts, corrosions, holes, and connecting bolts, nuts, rubber mount parts.


--Mechanical Conditions-- Vbelts, Steering lack boots, lack end boots, Driveshaft boots, Brake pads.
"Crack, teared" inspected, then measure the tension level, if need, Adjust it All Vbelts checked, if need, tension adjusted, or changed with New Vbelts. This Lack boot was "Torn", so changed with New Boot
This Lack end boot also "Torn", changed with New end boot. Pad left only 20 to 30% full width, changed with New Brake pads. Parts We changed in our factory.
Brake master assy checked after "Engine bay Cleaning", then confirmed "No leakage". Carburator, or Injection Intake "Cleaned" , remove back fired gas, carbons, etc. Check the proper "Tire pressure", then adjust kg/mm of Each tires inflations, adjust if need.
All These services included in Base FOB prices, No additional labor and parts fees required.
If you require another Parts Replacement fees, We quote the Parts, and the labor fees as your request, then agree with the price,
--LESS FOB PRICE-- Less Service option Price, Less quality than MONKY'S STANDARD QUALITY SERVICE

LESS FOB PRICE doesn't include any "Service fees", The purchased vehicle is shipped completely as is condition base.
Each vehicle LESS FOB PRICE is completely different , so Please let us know You require LESS FOB PRICE on the request vehicle.
Needless to say, LESS FOB PRICE is Cheaper than Base FOB Price, Price is Less than Base price.

--Mechanical Services--
We can do any kinds of "Mechanical works" in our factory,
fitting "Coil over", changing transmission Automatic to 5spd, Cluth, Timing belt, etc, etc...
--Body painting Services--
Our mechanical factory has "Body painting booth" also, We can do any kinds of Body works... painting panels, fitting Body kits, etc.

ALL OF STOCK VEHICLES are storing "AS IS CONDITION" in our company stock yard. After the deal succesful, and We confirm custmer bank T/T payment, We start to doing all these "SHIPPING PREPARATION PROCESS", We say it as Vehicle export preparation then take many update pictures, send to custmer by e-mail.
For more details about this process, Please refer to these pages,
Vehicle export preparation How to Buy Process 2 page

Even though The vehicles you purchased at us Looks "Dirt", or "Very good", We do these Vehicle export preparation process in our factory, so the vehicle looks much better than photographs We sent you already, or listing in our webpage.

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